Maintenance & Yuki's Revenge Patch - 20th March; 7 AM to 1 PM

Maintenance & Yuki's Revenge Patch - 20th March; 7 AM to 1 PM

Attention BlackShot Players,

We would be having a regular Server Maintenance and Yuki's Revenge Patch tomorrow, 20th March (Thursday) from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM (GMT+8).

In line with the regular server maintenance, we would be performing a database log cleanup to improve server performance.

Below are the patch notes for Yuki's Revenge Patch (file size: 55+mb): 
New Contents:
Ryokan (Map)
Yuki (Character)
MP7 Sakura (SMG)
Chakram (Melee)
Ninja Package

Re-Released Contents in Shop:
Isabelle (Character)
Face Masks
-Face camo I
-Face camo II
-Face camo SKULL

Contents Removed from Shop:
Ruyi Stick
Kumquat Grenade
Bloody Rose
Ji Xiang Hat
Cupid Halo
Lover Bag LO
Lover Bag VE
Cupid Wings
Outlaw Package
GM Priscess Package

New GCA Weapon:
Type64 Camo (to replace G36 Grafitti on GCA cafes)

Other Contents:
March Sale Promotion
Hacking Defense Code System Update
Map Optimization for Favela (TDM)
Glitches Fix on Rooftop and Lab Map
Codename Improvement (Alphabets, Numbers and 3 (maximum) underscores are allowed when creating or changing Character Name or Clan Name)

Please be guided and log out of the game before 7 AM to avoid any account problems. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience!

BlackShot Operation Team

*Server maintenance time may extend or finish earlier without prior notice.*

Posted on: 03-19-2014