OPS 250k - EXP & BP Boost x4 (3 to 5 PM & 7 to 9 PM (GMT+8))





The second last target has been reached and we are now at 240,000 Likes!!!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

As promised, we'll be having the 4X EXP/BP boost Today (Tuesday, 3rd September 2013) from 3PM to 5PM & 7PM to 9PM (GMT+8) on the following maps:
Savage Ground (TFM)

Airport (SD)

Chinatown (TDM)

Scrap Yard (TDM)

Desert Hawk (UBA)

In addition, ALL players will receive the K2 jungle for 5 Days after this week's server maintenance & 4 Lucky Winners will be randomly picked to win a 60 Days In-Game Item!!!

Final Target: 250,000 LIKES

- x5 EXP/BP

- (1) Mystery Weapon (7 Days)

- (5) Lucky Draw Prize (90 Days In-Game Item)


For more info:

Posted on: 09-03-2013