Break 'D Crate (Play & Win) - 21st March to 14th April

Bullet collection and roulette is BACK! Just in time for the school break. It's time to Break 'D Crate!

Event Period: 21st March to 14th April 2013

I. How to get Bullets?
1. Play a TOTAL OF 1 HOUR per day. (Limit: 1 bullet per day)
2. Login to DAILY to claim your bullet. *Bullet redemption starts 00:00 to 23:59 daily.
3. Bullet must be collected EVERY DAY.

-You may follow the instructions HERE.

II. What are the types of Crates and it's requirements?
Wood Crate: 2 Bullets
Stone Crate: 6 Bullets
Metal Crate: 12 Bullets
Black Crate: 22 Bullets

III. When can I play the roulette?
-You can play the roulette ANYTIME as long as you have required bullets to play.

IV. What are the contents of the Crates?
- When you roulette the Wood Crate (2), you stand a chance to get:
Glock21 Camo (1 Day)
Kodachi (1 Day) 
Med Kit 2 (1 Day)

- When you roulette the Stone Crate (6), you stand a chance to get:
Type 64 MY (3 Days)
M4Super90 Blaze (3 Days)
Dragunov Silver (3 Days)

- When you roulette the Metal Crate (12), you stand a chance to get:
SPAS-12 (7 Days)
HK416 Tuah (7 Days) 
AWP Dragon (7 Days)

- When you spin the Black Crate (22), you stand a chance to get:
HK416 N (14 Days)
Enfield-WL (14 Days) 
Barrett (30 Days)

V. After playing the roulette, when would I receive my prize/s?
-You would receive your prize/s IMMEDIATELY (under storage) after playing the roulette. All you need to do is to re-login into Blackshot.


Shooters who reaches a total of 22 bullets or more (used or unused) would stand a chance to win prizes from the Gold Crate Lucky Draw!

Lucky Draw Prizes:
1st Prize: AWP Dragon (999 Days)
2nd Prize: Gold Dragon Package (99 Days)
3rd Prize: AK47 Dragon (99 Days) 
4th Prize: M1911 Dragon (99 Days)
5th Prize: Kodachi (99 Days)

- Lucky Draw Prizes would be drawn on 22th April (tentative).

So, What are you waiting for!? It's time to go COLLECT YOUR BULLETS and BREAK 'D CRATE!

- A day is counted from 00:00 to 23:59 hrs
- Bullet collection starts on the 21st March; 12:00 (GMT+8) and ends at 14th April; 23:59 (GMT+8)
- The last timing for shooters to claim bullet each day is at 23:59 (GMT+8)
- Shooters can only claim a maximum of 1 bullet per day
- Bullets can only be collected if shooters go to the website and collect their bullets at ( 
- The last timing for shooters to play the roulette would be on 20th April 2013 (tentative).
- Lucky Draw Prizes would be drawn and given out on 22th April (tentative)
- Event/Promotion mechanics may change without prior notice.

Posted on: 03-27-2013