The Garena Stadium - Gift Store

While most gamers probably aren't the most avid shoppers, there's no denying that we like our toys. Over at the Garena Stadium Gift Store, there's something to satisfy the otaku in us, whether your game of choice is Blackshot, Heroes of Newerth or League of Legends.

The store boasts lots of memorabilia, ranging from kickass cool to cutesy, from all three games. From t-shirts to plushies, even non-gamers might find something they like at the store.

"360' no scope", a notoriously difficult jump-shot move popularised in Blackshot, is featured on a tee along with the well-known Keep Calm slogan, as well as the fearsome GM Monster, a near-invincible character that routinely slaughters enemies during Blackshot GM events.

Heroes of Newerth has its own apparel too, with a Smackdown Pros cap and tee, as well as another tee featuring Gemini, one of the heroes from the game.

If wearing your favourite game on your sleeve isn't your thing, perhaps a keychain would be more understated - as understated as a shiny metal miniature gun keychain could possibly be.

On the side of cute and cuddly, we have the lilac-hued Cthuluphant plushie from HoN, or LoL's sad mummy, Amumu, who is just dying for a hug and some love.

And speaking of love, express it to your favourite partner in crime with our I'll Carry You mugs, to show your appreciation for many days and nights of sticking together through thick and thin, even through the most rage-inducing games.

There's something for everyone at the Stadium Gift Store, so hop on by and check it out - you never know what you'll find. And if all else fails, buy a Rammus hat so you can have as much swag as GM Froggy.

What a stud.

Posted on: 11-27-2012