Maintenance & Reactor Zone Patch - 28th Nov.; 7 AM - 11 AM

Attention BlackShot Players,

BlackShot Online will be having a regular Server Maintenance and Reactor Zone patch tomorrow, 28th November (Wednesday) at 7 AM to 11 AM (GMT+8).

Below are the contents of the Reactor Zone patch (50+mb):
Power Plant (SD Map)
M4 Super 90 Blaze (Rifle)
AS Val (Rifle)
Glock18 Camo (Pistol)
Shamsir (Melee)
GM_Hitokiri Package

Bunker Defense Rewards Bug
Sand Storm Map Glitch

Rebalanced SPAS-12
Rebalanced M21 Desert
Rebalanced M110 SASS
Rebalanced Dragunov Black

Removal from Shop (Seasonal Items)
Jack O Bomb
Jack O Flash Frag
Mask Jack O Lantern
Mask Frankenstein
Mask Pierrot
Mask Horse
Relic Package

Please be guided and log out of the game before 7 AM to avoid having account problems. Thank you and enjoy playing BlackShot!

Game Management
BlackShot Operation Team

*Server maintenance time may extend without prior notice.*