Top Up, Spend and Play - 13th November; 12 AM - 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

Happy Deepavali!

Indulge in the 'Festival of Lights' with our exclusive Deepavali promotion and quench your thirst with FREE gifts that's hard to resist!

Participate in this special promotion and simply walk away with FREE weapons - Scythe by topping up GS and a P90 Jungle from spending just 200 GS! In addition, hours spent playing in-game shall reward you with either a Jack O Flash Frag, Glock 21 Camo or HK 416 Forest!

What's more? Fulfil this 3 simple objective to enjoy our bonus giveaway of the all time favourite Med Kit 2!

Event Mechanics (Top Up, Spend and Play):
Objective 1
Top-Up a minimum of 300 GS and receive Scythe (3 days).

Objective 2
Spend minimum of 200 GS and receive P90 Jungle (3 days).

Objective 3
Play a total of: 
1 hour and receive Jack O Flash Frag (1 day)
3 hours and receive Glock 21 Camo (3 days)
5 hours and receive HK416 Forest (7 days)

* Fulfil all objectives (1,2 & 3) by 13th November, 12 AM to 11:59 PM (GMT+8) and receive a bonus reward of Med Kit 2 for 7 days!

Good luck and Happy Deepvali to everyone!

*Rewards would be given away on 22nd November (tentative) after the Server Maintenance. 
*Objective 1 and 2 Rewards are non-stackable. For example, a player tops up 960 GS and spent 400 GS, he/she would receive 3 days of Scythe and 3 days of P90 Jungle. Not 9 days of Scythe and not 9 days of P90 Jungle. 
*Objective 3 Rewards is rounded off to the achieved hours played. Playing 4 hours would earn the player Glock 21 Camo (3 days). He/she would not receive the Jack O Flash Frag anymore. 
*Promo mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.

Posted on: 11-11-2012