Insanity Chaos Patch - 25th October 2012

Hallow' Shooters!

With our newly released patch; Insanity Chaos, Halloween just got spookier?.

Insane Hospital; A new TDM map made to bring fear and terror to the bravest!

Terrify your enemies with our chaotic range of weapons such as HK 416 Tuah (Rifle), M4A1 Elite (Rifle), MG36 (Rifle) and the long awaited MP7 Viper-G (SMG).

What's Halloween without the creepy items?

Seasons Special: The Relic Package
Taunt your opponents with the Relic package of a Mask Scarecrow, the reaping Scythe, Jack o Flash Frag and last but not least, the Holy Rifle and the Holy Shotgun

We had also brought back the legendary Jack O series; Jack O Flash Frag (Grenade), Jack O Bomb (Grenade), and the infamous Mask Jack O Lantern, Mask Frankenstein, Mask Pierrot and Mask Horse. To build up the brutality force, the ultimate AWP Ghost and the menacing Hatchet has also been released!

Below are the contents of the Insanity Chaos patch (50+mb):
Insane Hospital (TDM Map)
HK 416 Tuah (Rifle)
M4A1 Elite (Rifle)
MG36 (Rifle)
MP7 Viper-G (SMG)

Halloween Items (Seasonal)
Scythe (Melee)
Mask Scarecrow 
AWP Ghost (Sniper Rifle)
Holy Rifle *new and improved* (Rifle)
Hatchet (Melee)
Jack O Flash Frag (Grenade)
Jack O Bomb (Grenade)
Mask Jack O Lantern
Mask Frankenstein
Mask Pierrot 
Mask Horse
Relic Package

Anti-Hack Tool Solution Fix

Pipeline Map Glitch Fix
OP Rank Fix

-Rebalanced F2000 Rifle
-Improved Gachapon Box content system

Hold your fire and strike when the night falls?

Rolling Out,
Team Blackshot