DOUBLE EXP/BP - 16th October; 6 PM to 10 PM (GMT+8)

Attention Shooters,

As of today 16th October 2012, Blackshot Online has undergo several emergency maintenance's, we gathered that many of you have suffered an amount of disappointment to this matter, but as always, we are resolving the issues and shall hereby compensate you, our loyal players with a boost of DOUBLE EXP and DOUBLE BP on all servers as of 16th Oct 2012; 06:00PM to 10:00PM (GMT +8).

We hereby thank you all for your understanding on this matter and do enjoy the boost of DOUBLE EXP and DOUBLE BP for tonight.

Below are the maps that would be having DOUBLE EXP/BP:

Broken City II (TFM)
Desert Hawk (UBA)
Lost Temple (TDM)
Broken City I (SD)
Sandstorm (TFM)

Over and Out,
Blackshot Team

Posted on: 10-16-2012