Good Day Shooters!

It's time to indulge in September rush with our newly released TFM map; Galata, it's bound to set you through fast paced shooting scene enhanced with bright hues environment and numerous hiding spots for shooters and snipers!

On top of that, we're also bringing in 2 specially handcrafted rifles [HK416 MY & Type 64 MY] embossed with a Malaysia Flag designed specially for our Malaysia community and is available in store together with in this magnificent patch!

No, that's not all we have to offer.

Hype the rush UP with our exclusive Dragunov Sliver; a sniper rifle made to quench your thirst for blood and definitely your new choice of weapon!

Last but not the least, fight the combat with the new Crowbar. Crowbar vs the Kodachi? An interesting match up indeed!

Below are the contents of the Galata Rush patch (88+mb):
Galata (TFM Map)
HK416 MY (Rifle)
Type 64 MY (Rifle)
Dragunov Silver (Sniper Rifle)
PP-19 (SMG)
Crowbar (Melee)

Anti-Hack Tool Solution Fix

Xitang Map Glitches
Favela Map Glitches
Red Mansion Map Glitches

Removed from Shop:
Face camo SKULL
Face camo I 
Face camo II 
Face camo KOREA 
Face camo Japan 
Change Skin Color Item

The relay starts now in Galata!

Rolling Out,
Blackshot Team