Hello Mercenaries,

Have you ever wanted to go gallivanting on rooftops like in the movies where the hero and the baddies have an epic gun battle?

With the Rooftop Map, now it is possible! Imagine the Rooftop Rampage that you will be able to dish out with this awesome new map!

Also, have you been waiting for an upgraded version of the SCAR rifle? Perhaps something with lesser recoil, or faster firing rate? Well, try out the new SCAR Forest and let us know what you think!

Other new content in the Rooftop Rampage patch below:
Rooftop Map
RK.95 Rifle
SCAR Forest Rifle
Beretta93R Pistol
SASR-NZ1 Sniper
AK103-NZ1 Rifle*

The Blackshot Team is excited about this patch... are you?

The Blackshot Team