Greetings Blackshot Players,

The Blackshot Team is BACK to give you something in return!

Promo 1
First time buyers of GS item will receive 7 days of SIG552 Forest!

This premium and rare weapon is only acquired from the Gachapon but you can get it for free since its your first time to buy ANY GS item in-game!

Promo 2
Spend a total of 2000 GS and above to be rewarded with 7 days of AWP Candy, Desert Eagle Candy AND Additional Combo!

Another rare and premium item that was released month's ago!

Promo 3
Purchase any GS item is good enough for us! Just buy anything in-game and receive 7 days of UZI Blood! This rare gun is only available thru Gachapon, if you are lucky enough.

Don't you see any similiarities? All the prizes are from Gachapon! Remember, topping up doesn't count. You have to spend it in-game.

The Blackshot Team

*Promo Period: 1st May to 31st May 2011
*GS Rewards will be given away on June 10, 2011.
*Promo mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.