Project: UAV (The Study)

Awesome April has arrived and with it is an awesome new item, the UAV Kit.

So, what is an UAV Kit?
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Kit, is an item which basically reveals the locations of your enemies for a short period of time. Let us give you some functions and details about the UAV Kit.

1. Not available on Shop as of the moment.
2. Will be under the Item slot. Same slot where Med Kit and Med Kit II is placed.
3. When UAV Kit is equipped, pressing 5 in-game will enable you to use it.
4. Usage time is 13 secs. Press "Tab" in-game to track down your enemies while the UAV kit is in use.
5. A notification message will show on your enemies screen that the UAV item is used by their opponents.
6. One usage per round / respawn only.
7. Works on all game modes.
8. UAV Kit runs by usage (per count) not per day and not per hour basis.

Blackshot team is in need of YOUR help regarding this aspect. This is your chance to decide the future of Blackshot! How can you do it? Read on to find out...

All those who will login or go online from 8th April to 10th April will be receiving 10 counts of UAV Item on 15th April or 20th April (tentative) for free.

What you'll have to do is really simple... there will be a poll put up on forums to seek your feedback on the UAV item specifically (between 13-20 April).

An example of the poll is:
1. I like it! (State reason)
2. I don't like it. (State reason)
3. Others.

You'll have a week to try and test it out with your friends in normal games before we wipe or take out the item of all accounts by 20th April.

YOUR answers will be very valuable to us and we hope to gain much insight into what YOU really want.

Your's Truly,
The Blackshot Team