Hello Mercenaries,

Are you a big fan of Sniper Rifles? Ever felt like you're the "best sniper" in Blackshot?

This sniper patch named "Project: Recon" suits you well! A new character suited in a Ghillie Suit, also known as a wookie suit, it is made of net or cloth covered in loose strips of cloth made to look like leaves and twigs.

Snipers hunters wears a Ghillie suit to blend into their surroundings and conceal themselves from their targets. Other content would be the NZ1 version of Knife, a fast spinning knife that is very good in assassinating your enemies. Lastly, did you missed the GM Monster look-a-like suit, the Crimson Set? Well, it's back for a limited time offer only! Meaning, get it while it's still in the Shop. What's very interesting with it? Well, it comes with the Premium Weapons AK47 Red Frog and UZI Blood, as bloody as it gets! Don't miss this chance to have the Red Crimson Package!

Other new content in the Project: Recon patch below:
Normandie (TFM)
M110 SASS Sniper
NZ1 Knife
Mask Skull Black, Silver & Gold
Sniper Mantis Character (w/ Steady Aim Gear)
Unlock 5th Tactic Slot
Red Crimson Package - limited offer only
Recon Package

Over and Out,
The Blackshot Team