Maintenance & Project: Recon Patch - 27th April; 7AM - 11AM

Attention BlackShot Players,

BlackShot Online will be having a regular Server Maintenance and Project: Recon Patch tomorrow, 27th April (Friday) at 7 AM to 11 AM (GMT+8).

Below are the contents of the Project: Recon Patch (30mb):
M110 SASS Sniper
NZ1 Knife
Mask Skull Black, Silver & Gold
Sniper Mantis Character (w/ Steady Aim Gear)
Unlock 5th Tactic Slot
Red Crimson Package - limited offer only
Recon Package
Normandie (TFM)

Removed from Shop:
Isabelle (1, 7, 30 Days) - end of sales promotion

Please be guided and log out of the game before 7 AM to avoid having account problems.

Thank you and enjoy playing BlackShot!

Game Management
BlackShot Operation Team

*Server maintenance time may extend without prior notice.*