Ole Mercenaries!

The Blackshot Team has long heard the cries for freedom from our South American players, and in response, we've prepared for you the Favela Fiasco patch!

A brand new map - Favela Map - Rio De Janeiro will be added to give you some of that samba and flavour only Brazil can provide! You just have to give this fun and entertaining map a try!

The M21 Sniper and M4 Super 90 Shotgun, both BP weapons, will also be on sale in the shop! Want to try your luck at Gachapon? We've included the MG42 machine gun in Box A whereas the Cheytac sniper rifle will make an awesome comeback in Box B.

Below are the other contents of the patch (25.5mb):
New Gachapon Content
New Gift Box/Gift Box Premium Content
Daily, Weekly and Welcome Home Reward System
Korea Channel (Others 2 Server)

Looking forward to the Favela Fiasco already? WE ARE.

The Blackshot Team