February is just around the corner, and LOVE is in the air!

Like any of you out there, the Blackshot Team is also full of people who live life like there's no tomorrow and we know what it's like to love and be loved! So here's something for you to help spread the love with us.

Simply "Like" the Blackshot Online Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/blackshotonline) and help us get your friends to like it too! Blackshot LOVE 'D way U LIKE! Share the love with your loved ones as well!

We have 91,501 fans as of today, and the goal is 100,000 LIKES by 14 Feb 2012.

Once we hit the target, the servers will have Double EXP/BP (on selected maps) between 3 PM - 9 PM (GMT+8) on 14 Feb!

By 10 Feb, if there are already 100,000 fans, then ALL players will receive a MP5KPDW-Heart (3 days) and LOVE MASK (7 days)!!!

We LOVE 'D way U LIKE!

The Blackshot Team

*In case, MP5KPDW-H and Love Mask would be given away on 14th Feb. (tentative).