Blackshot players, we have an urgent announcement to make!

Make a stand and change history today.

How is this possible, you might ask. Here's your answer...
Something is happening in the World of Blackshot, and strange occurrences have been observed over the past few weeks.

Reports/ rumours have been going around that old World War II (WWII) soldiers have been spotted in the battlefield, armed to the teeth with weapons of that era.

Could the clones have invented a Time-traveling machine that transported these anomalies from the past to aid in their war efforts?

Huge changes are coming your way and it won't be easy, but change is necessary! Do your best!

Let's go back in time for Blackshot 1941.

Due to the patch file size, Blackshot 1941 patch is divided into 2 parts.

Patch 1 (53mb) is consist of:
M1 Carbine (US) - BP
MG42 (Germany) - Gachapon A
Model24 Grenade (Germany) - BP
Multi Weapon Item (Gear) - BP/GS
-An gear item that will allow you to use two primary weapons .
US Airborne (Character) - GS
Germany Army (Character) - BP
-Characters are premium items that will have their own set of suits/armors soon.
Normandie Map (TDM)

While Patch 2 will consist of:
MP40 (Germany)
MK2 Grenade (US)
Berlin Map (TFM)

*Target patch release for Patch 2 is on 29th June, 2011 (tentative).

Over & Out,
The Blackshot Team