ATTENTION: February GS Rewards

In this month of Giving to Loved Ones, the Blackshot Team is doing the same! Who else do we love?
You, obviously! Especially the ones who takes time to read the following news brought specially to you!

All promos below will be valid during this period: Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2011

First LOVE
(Not the song made popular by Utada Hikaru)

First up, obviously, we have the promotion for players who have never bought GS items before,
and have always wanted to get something special for that special someone... now's your chance to do that!
And receive a SIG 552 Forest (7 Days) for it.

If you look at the Shop, you'll notice that we have the new Package for Valentine's Day, which includes
SUPER UNIQUE items such as the M24 Heart and Angel Wings/Halo! Don't miss your chance, it might
never come back again if you do!

Big Time LOVER
So you reckon you're Lovable and show everyone just how... well, Lovely you are? Spread the Love and
join us in giving something to your fellow Blackshot players!

For every 2,000 GS spent, you'll receive this, AWP Ghost (7 Days) and Additional Combo (7 Days)!
The AWP Ghost will only be seen fluttering in and out of game, so this is your chance to catch it,
without being a Ghost Buster.

Blackshot LOVER
Show your Love for Blackshot by using the Lovely package! Any GS purchase will be rewarded with an
Enfield-Woodlands (3 Days) regardless of the amount! Help us help you! The rare Enfield-Woodlands
is up for grabs in this once-in-a-lifetime offer!

Its our time to show our Love to Blackshot and you! Prizes will be given away on March 2 after the Server Maintenance.

Love always,
The Blackshot Team