Good day Mercenaries,

Are you waiting for the Blackshot Team to reward you every day, every week or even if you haven't played for a long time?

Well, the wait is officially over!

We've heard your thoughts through feedback and suggestions. This is our response:

Daily Rewards
Just play an hour a day, and you'll automatically receive a Gift Box (Inventory > Premium). Note that only GAME TIME is considered, and not idle/lobby time. You'll also only be able to receive the Gift Box on ONE Garena account per day.

Weekly Rewards
You'll have to play for 5 consecutive days, fulfilling the Daily Rewards on each of them, and you will find a Gift Box Premium. This version of Gift Box will give you better items than the daily ones.

Welcome Home Reward
Haven't logged in for a while now? Or perhaps you have a personal friend who has stopped playing? Now's the time to get him/her back! If you/her or him haven't not logged into Blackshot for MORE THAN a month, well, just login now and play for ONE hour, and you will receive the Welcome Home Package. This package contains items/weapons that will last for 7 days and each player can only receive it once.

With so many reasons to play Blackshot, we don't see why you aren't playing right now!

The Blackshot Team

*Game time is not necessarily needed to be continuous.*
*Limited time offer only.