Blackshot Christmas Patch - 22nd Dec., 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

It's that time of year again, when the Spirit of Giving during the Christmas season comes around. The Blackshot Team has come up with a whole bunch of goodies for you to celebrate with!

This Christmas patch includes some incredible new items such as the HK416 N, with custom parts and a scope too, and Fortune Cookies, which can be bought with either BP or GS! The BP version gives you a chance to win random GS items/weapons as well, so it will definitely be worth a shot!

The new Search & Destroy (SD) map, Office, will also be a fun addition to our current maps.

Included in this patch:
HK416 N - [HK 416 Norweigan]
Fortune Cookie ? BP and GS version
AWP Candy
AK47 Snow
Desert Eagle Candy
Christmas Sock
Candy Cane
Santa Hat
Antlers Hat
Santa Suit
Candy Santa Suit
Santa Bag
Santa Beard
Rudolph Nose

Happy Holidays,
The Blackshot Team

Posted on: 12-27-2011