Happy Spooky Surprise!

This year, Halloween is going to be the BOMB! Quite literally! The Jack O Bomb and Jack O Flash Frag will be making another appearance this year, so if you missed out on it last year, don't lose out on them again this year! Also making a comeback is the AWP Ghost! Ever popular amongst players, the sheer awesomeness of the powerful sniper rifle's design makes this a LEGENDARY weapon.

We've got a host of new items and weapons that will whet any appetite for all you gun and weapon lovers out there, so hold on to your horses! (Including the new Horse Mask if you want to... well, horse around. Heh.)

A new map will be introduced to give a more harrowing feel, and it is none other than the Carnival Map! This dark and eerie map is sure to give you the creepy crawlies! So try it out NOW!

Here's the content of the patch:

Chainsaw (Melee) - Shop
Jack O Bomb (Grenade) - Shop
Jack O Flash Frag (Grenade) - Shop
Horse Mask - Shop
Mask Frankenstein (Promo) - Shop
Mask Jack O Lantern - Gachapon
Holy Rifle - Gachapon
AWP Ghost - Gachapon

Carnival Map - TDM
Lost Temple - TDM (stairs glitch fixed)

Room Host Voting Function

GameGuard-Razer Compability Fix

Happy Halloween! Booo!!!
~(-.-~) The Blackshot Team (~-.-)~