You've heard about her... you've seen her in some of the banners and pictures... NOW is the chance to OWN her.

Yes, that's right, the Blackshot Bombshell a.k.a. Nina is here!

Nobody messes with Nina! (unless of course you're the best, but then again, that's another story for another time)

She runs fast, looks AWESOME, and has a nice tush to boot; so what's not to love about her?

Want to know what else is included in this patch? Read on to find out! We also optimized the SandStorm I and SandStorm II maps.

Patch Contents: (70+ MB)
Nina Character + Pro Agility Boost Gear Item
F2000 Rifle
Safe Helmet
Vixen Package

New Map:
Junk Yard ? TDM

Map Optimization:
SandStorm I
SandStorm II

Over and out!