If you've been wondering how and where you can obtain Garena Shells (GS) to topup your Blackshot account to get that HK416 Forest or AWP Black that you've always wanted, well, look no further than your nearest Cheers outlet or Fair Price Xpress islandwide.

That's right! Even if you just wanna try your luck at Gachapon, or simply purchase the Additional EXP/BP combo that you need to get to the next rank, the S$10 and S$30 GS cards are available at your convenience across all the Cheers and Fair Price Xpress outlets in Singapore.

Purchase a S$10 GS card and get a super limited edition MP5KPDW-H for 1 Day, whereas the S$30 GS card will net you an awesome 7 Days of MP5KPDW-H.

But hurry! Promo period is from 26 Sept. to 10 Oct. ONLY! The beautifully crafted SMGs will be credited to your accounts* weekly after the server maintenance.

For a list of where you can find Cheers outlets and Fair Price Xpress outlets, click on the links below:

- List of Cheers islandwide: http://pay.sg.garena.com/distributors/Cheers/
- List of Fair Price Xpress islandwide: http://pay.sg.garena.com/distributors/Fairprice/

*Do take note that the MP5KPDW-H will only be credited after you activate/top up the GS card to your Garena Blackshot account. If you purchase the GS card and do not top up, we will not be able to trace you down and hunt you... just kidding.

The Blackshot Team