[Event] Let's march to 49th! Get Weapons & Win 490,000 BP!

Good day Shooters!

In conjunction with Singapore's 49th National Day, we are having a 'Let's March to 49th' Event from 8th August (12AM) till 10th August (11:59PM)

Objective: Log in Blackshot Online and play!


Play for 4 hours to get P90 Jungle (3 days),

to add on to your 4 hours prize...

In addition, play up to 9 hours to get AK47 DGI-C (3 days) + Ballistic Mask (7 days).


5 lucky participants (those who played at least 4 hours in total or at least 9 hours in total) will also win 490,000 BP each!!


What are you waiting for? Let's march to 49th together and shoot away this weekend!

Share this event with your friends, to let them participate in this awesome event too!

*Prizes will be issued on the 13th August or earlier! This event is available to ALL blackshot players! Play time refers to actual active time. AFKING time will not be counted towards active time!

Good luck shooters and happy 'fragging' during 49th Singapore national days!
Over and out!

Blackshot Management Team.

Blackshot Head Marshal WCG 2011 
Blackshot Head Marshal Champion's Pride & National League 2012
Blackshot Head Marshal MSEC 2012 & 2013
Blackshot Head Marshal Champion's Pride & National League (Season 2) 2013-2014
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Posted on: 08-07-2014