Clan Clash (Season 1) - 4th June to 13th August 2014

Time to fall-in for some heavy clan war action shooters!

We are pleased to announce the first ever BlackShot Clan Clash online event!

Gather your members and fight in Clan War to claim the title of top 10 clans in your region!


Event Mechanics:

Event Period:
Starts on 4th June 2014; 4:00 AM and ends on 13th August 2014; 4:00 AM (GMT +8).

Event Servers:
For SG/MY Region: Clan War server
For BR/Others Region: Clan War (Others) server

Event Mechanics:
- 2 regions, [Singapore(SG)/Malaysia(MY)] and [Brazil/Others] will be differentiated
- Top 10 clans from each region with highest gained or accumulated clan points during the event will win the prizes.
- Prizes will be given to Clan Masters only, Clan Masters will be in-charge of prize distribution to their members.

Event Prizes:
For SG/MY top 10 clans:

Resigzed Image Click this bar to view the full image.

For Others/BR top 10 clans:

Resigzed Image Click this bar to view the full image.

Gather your forces and carve your clan name into our Top 10 clans hall of fame!

May the best clans win!

Rolling Out!
Blackshot Team

WCG 2011 Blackshot Head Marshal
Mess with the best, die like the rest!
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Posted on: 05-29-2014