Good Day Soldiers,

As we received a lot of requests from you demanding for more of the GMs presence, here you go.

From 14/04/2014 onwards, our GMs will be holding weekday online events every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! There will be 2 time slots per day (2pm and 5pm) if you want to play with us in the game.

Check out the schedule below:

Plant the bomb, NOW! (Monday, 2 PM & 5 PM)
Mode: SD (8v8)
Rounds: 5 
Time: 2:30 Minutes
Map: Random (GM's Choice)

Catch me if you can! (Wednesday, 2 PM & 5 PM)
Mode: TFM (8v8)
Time: 15 Minutes
Points: 160
Map : Random (GM's Choice)

Kill or be killed! (Friday, 2 PM & 5 PM)
Mode: TDM (8v8)
Time: 15 Minutes
Points: 160
Map: Random (GM's Choice)

1. During the event times, GMs will announce the Server, Channel and Event Room number in-game.
2. The event room will be password protected while the GMs are preparing the event and room settings.
3. Once the GMs are ready, password will be removed and anybody can enter the event room and join the game, room slots will be based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. 
4. Once the event room is full, players must get READY and the host GM will then start the match.
5. The objective of the match is to either eliminate all your opponents or accomplish the team's objective.
6. Prizes will only given out to participants based on names stated inside end game scoreboard.
7. The event will run for an hour with a minimum of 2 matches.
8. Prizes will be given away every Friday.
9. Prizes will be on located on the player's inventory (Inventory > Premium).
10. A player can only win once per day and twice per week.
11. In case of disconnection during half way of event, your event participation-ship will be void. 
12. Any other players is eligible to join when the event game is on-going.

Gift Box (random items) - for all the winning team members
Burning Axe (3 days) - for all the participants
See you guys in-game very soon!

*Event schedule and mechanics may change or may cancel without further notice*