Game Master's Grade (21st - 30th June)



Dear shooters,

We have an exciting event just for you!


From 21st - 30th June, set yourself a personal grade by completing our GameMaster's missions and you will get yourself awarded once you have achieved the missions set by the GameMasters.

Move out and destroy those targets!


Event Period:
June 21st (0000) ~ 30th June (2359) (GMT+8)

*This event is open to all players*






Rules and Regulation

1) Players have to complete the following GM missions to obtain rewards.
2) GM missions will become increasingly harder.
3) GM Missions can be completed in any order.
4) Players can only obtain the rewards after the management have finished calculating the results.
5) All missions are cu-mulative.
6) Players will receive all the rewards according to the missions that they have completed.
7) Players caught violating the Abuse Policy will not receive their rewards and will be penalized.

*Event mechanics may be changed without prior notice.

For more info:

Posted on: 06-20-2013