Operation 615 - Meet, Greet & Play (15th June)

Rejoice Shooters!
We want to celebrate the June holidays with you through Blackshot Operation 615 at the Garena Stadium on 15 June 2013! Those of you who can't make it, fret not, cause we have a whole host of online events that will be open to all players on all servers as well! 

It's been a while since we've had reason to celebrate and now is the time to do so. If you've always wanted to meet and greet with the GMs, head on down to the Garena Stadium for a whole day of fun and activities!




Meet, Greet, Play with and even Beat the GMs at Garena Stadium on 15th June (Saturday).

GMs Live Stream Event - Prepare for War! (Offline) CLICK HERE!

Players on site will be picked at random by the GMs to go head-to-head with.
Time: 12PM-2PM

Mode: 5 GMs v 5 Players (Randomly pick by GM)

Map: Random


Win: MSR Sniper + Taurus Judge (7 days)

- Lose: SAR 21 (3 days)

Beat the GMs - Challenge Accepted! (Online)

GMs will host game room and announce to all the server and room number. First-come-first-served.
Time: 2PM-4PM

Mode: 5 GMs v 5 Players 

Map: Random


- Win: HK416 Tuah (7 days)

- Lose: Scar Forest (3 days)

3 vs 3 Awesome Threesome (Offline)

Players can only use SMGs in this event.

Time: 4PM-5PM

Mode: SMG only

Map: Random


- Win: P90 Jungle (7 days)

- Lose: Uzi Blue (3 days)

Lucky Draw (Garena Stadium - Singapore)!

Time: 5PM-6PM
Lucky Draw Prizes (Garena Stadium - Singapore): 

Kodachi 1 x 15 days

P90 Jungle 1 x 15 days

SIG 552 Forest 1 x 15 days

Barret 1 x 30 days

Dragunov Silver 1 x 90 days

6 X 290 GS Card

4 X 725 GS Card

1 X 1450 GS Card


Lucky Draw (Online)!

Time: 8PM-PM
Lucky Draw Prizes (Online): 

Grim Reaper 1 x 999 days

AK 47 Dragon 1 x 999 days

AK 47 Tiger 3 x 90 days

MASS-NZ1100 5 x 30 days

HK 416 MY 5 x 14 days

F2000 Stinger 5 x 14 days


Last but not least,

X3 EXP + BP (All Servers All Maps)

Time: 8PM-10PM

Our events will end by 6:00pm, so if you stick around till the end, you should still have sufficient time to head home and enjoy the bonuses! We're thoughtful like that.
See you there! =)


*Event rules, mechanics & prizes may change without prior notice.

Posted on: 06-06-2013