[SG/MY] Survive The Apocalypse Event - TTH

Event Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Event Time: 11AM, 3PM & 5PM (GMT+8)

Event Settings:
Server: Random
Channel: Random
Game Mode: GM Monster
Map: Random
Objective: 80 Points
Time: 15 Minutes

1. Once the event room is full, the GM assigned will then start the match. 
2. The objective of the match is for the blue team to kill the GM Monster within the given time. 
3. The event will run for an hour with a minimum of 4 matches.


1. Players that get disconnected will be officially out of the game.

Upon defeating the GM_Monster, winners will get 1000 EXP & BP.

Note: Event mechanics may change without further notice.

Posted on: 03-06-2013