We bet most of you wants to meet your favourite GM but haven't gotten a chance to. Now's your chance to do so!

The GMs would be teaming up with you so do your best to take down the opposing team and win yourself some attractive prizes.

Head down to;

Venue: Garena Stadium, Bugis+
Date & Time: 25th Jan (Friday) 5 PM to 7 PM

and get selected by our GMs to take part in this special event!


Winning team get a 7 days HK416 N and a 7 days SMF knife
Losing team get a 3 days M4A1 Elite

Event Settings: 
Server: Lion City
Channel: -
Game Mode: 5 v 5, TFM
Map: Xitang, Sandstorm I, Broken City II and Berlin (Selected by GMs)
Objective: 160 Points
Time: 15 Minutes

*Registration on-site*
*Players are only allowed to join this event once*
*Slots are subject to availability*