Calling out Mercenaries!

Counting Down to Christmas: 7 Days

This year end season, '7 Shots of Christmas' shall wrap your 2012 in a joyous fashion and once again, bring you through the Blackshot adrenaline that have never failed to excite and quenched your thirst for FPS gaming.


4 simple missions to great prizes:

*All missions will start at 12:00 AM 19th December and ends at 11:59 PM 25th December [GMT +8].[Applies to all Game Mode]


Mission 1 - The top 5 players who spend the most time in-game will walk away with our all time favourite sniper rifle, AWP Candy for 7 Days!


Mission 2 - Spend at least 1 hour everyday in-game from 19th Dec (12:00 AM) to 25th Dec (11:59 PM) and you will be awarded with our season special, Christmas Sock for 7 Days.

Mission 3- The Top 5 Most Valuable Player (MVP) will be rewarded with another season special, AK Snow for 7 Days.


Mission 4- The last but not least, players who achieve 50 kills within this 7 days will get to own our limited edition Christmas Grenade for 7 Days!


"Let's call it a Year, and 7 Shots to X'Mas!"

*Prizes for this event will be given out on 10th January 2012 [Tentative].


Merry Christmas,
Team Blackshot