Cash U Top Up Promo - 18th to 31st October

Happy Eid Al Adha!

To celebrate this festive season, Blackshot and Cash U has come up with a Top Up Promotion and we'll be giving away fabulous rewards for those that participates in this promotion between 18th to 31st October 2012!

With every GS you've top up, you would be rewarded with the following item!

500 GS ($10 USD) - Glock21 Camo (7 days)
1000 GS ($20 USD) - P90 Jungle (7 days)
2000 GS ($40 USD) - Type 89 Jungle (7 days)
3000GS ($60 USD) - HK 416 N (14 days)

Top up more to receive more rewards now!

Enjoy this promotion while stocks last! Rewards would be given away on 25th October (tentative) and 1st November (tentative) after the Server Maintenance.

For more information, kindly visit

Rolling Out,
Team Blackshot

Posted on: 10-19-2012