G-Olympics! [27th July - 13th August 2012]



Calling out Mercenaries!

27th July shall be the day you glorified your name, relay the torch and take part in our very own G-Olympics 2012! Mount the Olympus as you engage combat in Blackshot Online, battle against summoners in League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth to be the best of the best!

Let's check out the events we'll be having on this special seasons of G-Olympics which will held from 12:00pm 27th July till 12:00pm 13th August 2012 [GMT +8

Goals to be achieved in each category;

- The Invincible [Attain the most number of MVP]

- The Relentless [ Attain the most Kill Streak in UBA Mode] *Provide Screenshot3

- The Game Keeper [ Attain the most Game/Play Time]

*Submit your screenshot on the following thread:

*G- Olympics Category 2-The Relentless [Kill Streak] Screenshot Submission

Medalist Award;

Gold Medalist: AK47 Dragon + AWP Dragon + MP7 Viper-G [14Days]

Silver Medalist: AK47 Snow + AWP Ghost + MP7 Viper [7Days]

Bronze Medalist: AK47 Desert + AWP Black + P90 Jungle [7Days]

4th & 5th Place: AK47 Forest + Kodachi [7 Days]

*Garena Competition*

Targets to be achieved from 27th July 2012 till 13th August 2012

Blackshot Online: Mercenary to achieve at least Level 12 [Sergeant First Class/red] for one character

League of Legends: To achieve a Level 12 Summoner.


Blackshot: 10,000BP + HK 416 Forest [3days] + Uzi Blood [3days]

League of Legends: Obtained 3 Infamous Champions; Ryze + Nunu + Tristana [Permanent]

Rules and Regulation

- In category 2, players must engage in UBA (Ultimate Battle Arena) game mode to achieve the most Kill Streak.

- In category 3, Players must stay throughout the game, and if you quit half way through each game, the time would not be recorded in our system.

This is the chance to prove your strength and ability in the Garena first and foremost Olympic competition! Show us what you're made of and be awarded with spectacular prizes and rewards during this season of G-Olympics 2012 NOW!

Rolling Out,
Team Blackshot

Garena reserves the rights to make the final decision and modify any part of the event mechanics without prior notice.


Posted on: 07-27-2012