Blazing Dragon Patch - [26th July 2012]



Good news Mercenaries!

“It’s now time for some burning sensation with our latest contents!”

To warm up, let’s fire off with our newly created map; Dry Dock, designed for all hardcore TDM shooters.

And for those passionate sniper and rifle players, here’s something special for you: the fiery AWP Dragon and M249 is now up for grabs!

Just when you thought it’s all over....

We shall present our ultimate ingenious creation:

Kodachi, possesses similar appearance to a Katana, high damage melee weapon made to massacre all nearby enemies.

To go for the kill, fire and explosion will only take place with the deadly Skull Grenade is only available after the patch.

To summarize, below are the contents of the Blazing Dragon Patch (63+MB):

Dry Dock (TDM Map)
M249 (Rifle)
AWP Dragon (Sniper Rifle)
Kodachi (Melee)
Skull Grenade (Grenade)

Feeling too hot with our blazes?

Let's pump up the heat with a few more improvements made together with this Blazing patch;


-Improved first-person view in SD game mode.
-Improved animation for 4 characters (US Airborne, Germany Army, Sniper Mantis & US Marine).
-Enhanced Fast Respawn Item (Use/Un-use feature). 
-Map optimization and glitch fixes for Red Mansion (SD/TDM) map.
-Map optimization and glitch fixes for Hunting (TFM) map.
-Application of Speed Hack prevention feature. 
-Rebalancing of Type 89 Jungle.


Clan Chat Bug Fix
Partnership Bug Fix
Tomb Map Glitch Fix

We shall now burn and embraced ourselves with Blackshot Online!

Rolling Out,
Team Blackshot.

*We welcome all feedback and comments that would help us to improve Blackshot.

Posted on: 07-26-2012