Magnum Hazard Patch - [29th June 2012]



Good News Mercenaries!

Blackshot Online released new contents that will blow you off your feet!

To roll it off, let me introduced the "Beware of Clowns" Mask, not only does the mask intrigued your opponents, the clown face might just brighten up your day with laughter!

So, what exactly is Magnum Hazard?

MP412 Rex, a pistol with superb accuracy and damaged, a hazard born to destroy and eliminate your opponents during pistol combat. In addition, the updated content also features the awesome sub-edition of AK47, Urban and Forest, added a new member in the rifle family:  A91 that is now within your reached! 

What's more? Blackshot Team has also implemented a few changes such as;
-Reduced BP Consumption
Leave Clan/Kick Clan Member - BP fee reduced from 6,000 BP to 3,000 BP
Request/End Partnership - BP fee reduced from 1,500 BP to 800 BP
and we have just patched the recent Anti-Hack (Hack Tool) Solution to keep those hackers away! Grrrrrr.......

And have the following Map glitches fixed;
Favela Map Glitches
Office Map Glitches
Xitang Map Glitches
Gallery Map Glitches
Panic Space Map Glitches
Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) Game Bugs

Let's get it on with the Magnum Hazard and enjoy playing Blackshot!

Rolling out,
Team Blackshot

*We welcome all feedback's and comments that will assist us to improve Blackshot Online.


Feel free to post your thoughts on the new Magnum Harzard Patch here.

Posted on: 06-29-2012