Yuhua Trio - 27th May

1st - $300 + Blackshot Merchandise
2nd - $150 + Blackshot Merchandise
3rd - $90 + Blackshot Merchandise

Venue: Yuhua Community Club (Address: 90 Boon Lay Way Singapore 609958) <-- MAP HERE
Date & Time: 27th May; 10 AM - 6 PM (Reporting Time: 10 AM)
Registration Fee: Free
Register Here

General Rules
Event Format:3 v 3 Team Death Match
Maps: Gallery OR Panic Space


Players are to play Team Death Match.
This round there will only have 60 points and time taken per side will be 5 minutes.
Players will flip the coin to decide Map
All players are allowed to use cash and Gachapon weapons that are not banned.
Partnership is allowed.


Game Settings & Rules
-Banned Weapons & Gears-
Banned Weapons & Gears
Assault Rifles(AR): Holy Shotgun, MASS-NZ1100, M60, MG42, M1919A4, Enfield, Enfield-Woodlands & HK 416 N.


Submachine Gun(SMG): UZI-NZ1, MP5KPDW-H, MP40 & MP7-Viper.


Sniper Rifle(SR): Barrett.


Grenade: T1 Grenade, Model 24 Grenade, Flash Frag & Jack O Flash Frag.


Miscellaneous: Scopes, Silencers, Subzero Blood, Advance Sweeper, Advance Dominator, Brutality Evasion, Fast Respawn Item, US Airborne, Germany Army, Nina, Isabelle, US Marine & Sniper Mantis.

(Usage of any restricted items will lead to a direct disqualification)


Disconnection during a Match
If a competitor cannot play due to an unforeseen circu-mstances such as server stoppage
-Round restart if game progress is either within 1 mins. or below 10 points. Score will be recorded.

Round will restart and end with the previous total score
-If 1 competitor unintentionally disconnected during a match.

Round will restart and end with the previous total score
-In a case of an intentional disconnection, the Marshal may end the match with the offending team losing by forfeit.


Unfair Practices Subject To Penalty
-All cheating/hacking programs.
-Changing of "Host" when the Match has began is strictly not allowed, by doing so will result in a round loss. Judges, Head Marshals decisions are FINAL.
-If a Marshal decides that external factors (Spectators, Press, Competitor or Excessive intentional verbal abuse by a third party) gives an unfair advantage to a team, a warning will be given to the offending team, a second warning will result to a loss of round or disqualification, Marshal/Head Marshal decisions are FINAL.
-Intentional or non-intentional use of any bugs (Knife Bug, Shots becomes Knife Damage) or any kind of usage will result in a loss or disqualification. The Decision will be made by the Marshal/Head Marshal, Final decisions are absolute.
-ANY Changing of Gears/Amour/Tactical Slots, Changes of Character, Changes of registered Accounts, during Disconnection or due to Game stoppage under any unforeseen circu-mstances will be disqualified immediately.

-Coach/Supporters can stay and observe the team when the game starts but no prompting or guiding when the match has started, the team will be give a warning or loss by forfeit at the sole discretion of the Marshal/Head Marshal.
-Coach/Supporters must leave the tournament area if asked to by the Marshal/Head Marshal.
-Strictly no profanities of any form, warnings will be given to the offending team.
-3 warnings PER team will result to disqualification. Marshal/Head Marshal decisions are FINAL.


Rule Changes
The Management reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, competition committee decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to LAN tournaments. Teams are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that rules listed are guidelines for LAN to ensure fair and competitive play and are subjected to interpretation by the administrators based on the game.


*Event rules and mechanics may change without prior notice.

Posted on: 05-17-2012