Showdown @ Suntec IT Show - 8th-11th, March; 3 PM - 8 PM

Schedule for Suntec Showdown
Player vs Player Challenge (3 PM to 4 PM Timeslot)
Player vs GameMaster Challenge (4 PM to 5 PM Timeslot)

Pistol Showdown Tournament (8th March; 6 PM to 8 PM Timeslot)
Sub Machine Gun Showdown Tournament (9th March; 6 PM to 8 PM Timeslot
Assault Rifle Showdown Tournament (10th March; 6 PM to 8 PM Timeslot)
Sniper Rifle Showdown Tournament (11th March; 6 PM to 8 PM Timeslot)

Venue: Suntec Convention Hall (Starhub Booth)
Date: 8th to 11th March
Time: 3 PM to 8 PM
No. of Participants: 16 Players X 2 Sessions
Format: 1 vs 1
Registration Fee: FREE

*Registration would be on-site.

3 Wins: 14 Days Cash Weapon + 1 AWP Ghost Keychain
2 Wins: 7 Days Cash Weapon + 1 Silver Dragon Blade Keychain
1 Win: 3 Day Cash Weapon
0 Win: 1 Day Cash Weapon

*Cash weapon awarded will be related to the modes played.
Pistol: Tarantula .45
SMG: MP7 Viper
Rifle: HK416 N
Sniper: M24 Grim Reaper

4 Modes Available:
8th March - Day 1: Pistol only
9th March - Day 2: SMG only
10th March - Day 3: Rifle only (Shotguns are allowed)
11th March - Day 4: Sniper only

Map: Panic Space. 5 Minutes. 20 Points.
Tie breaker will be played by changing side.
Brackets will be arranged by Game Marshall SYSTEMATICALLY using the registration form.
Players are to report to the Game Marshall once their match ends. Wins and losses are to be recorded.

Game Settings & Rules
All players are allowed to play for one session on each event day only.
All players are to use either their own personal account or accounts that will be provided on the event days
All players are only allowed to use the weapon accordingly to the mode played.
All players are to use the gaming gears provided
Intentional disconnecting during game will result in disqualification.

Disclaimer: The Management reserves the right to change any rules and prizes at any point in time without prior notice.

Posted on: 02-29-2012