[Malaysia] MSEC - Malaysia Singapore E-Sports Championship

MSEC: Blackshot 2011
Malaysia Singapore E-Sports Championship: Blackshot 2011

Date: 29 Oct 2011 & 5 Nov 2011
Time: 10 AM - 9 PM

Perak (V2 - Pusat Bandar Seri Manjung) - 29 Oct 2011
Johor Bahru (Blue Dolphin - Taman University) - 5 Nov 2011

Registration Fee: FREE!!!

*Players must inform the Blackshot Team 3 days before the tournament if their team can't attend. Failure to confirm will result to 15-day account banned.

16 teams for Perak
16 teams for Johor Bahru

Champion - RM 1000 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard, Keychain & Dogtag)
1st Runner Up - RM 500 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)
2nd Runner Up - RM 300 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)
4th Place - RM 100 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)

--> 5 x 500 Garena Shells Prepaid Card
--> 10 x Seagm Limited T-shirt
* Special sponsored by Sea Gamer Mall for the 1st Qualifier in Perak

Please follow the format below to reserve a slot for your team.
Email subject is: [Malaysia] MSEC Malaysia Singapore E-Sports Championship
Email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please do remember to write the SELECTED VENUE.

Selected Venue:
Team Name:

Complete Real Name of Team Captain:
Identification Number of Team Captain:
Garena Username of Team Captain:
Character Name (IGN) of Team Captain:
Contact Number of Team Captain:
Email Address of Team Captain:

Complete Real Name of Member 2:
Identification Number of Member 2:
Garena Username of Member 2:
Character Name (IGN) of Member 2:
Contact Number of Member 2:
Email Address of Member 2:

Complete Real Name of Member 3:
Identification Number of Member 3:
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Character Name (IGN) of Member 3:
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Complete Real Name of Member 4:
Identification Number of Member 4:
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Character Name (IGN) of Member 4:
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Complete Real Name of Member 5:
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--Reserve Player--
Complete Real Name of Reserve Member:
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Character Name (IGN) of Reserve Member:
Contact Number of Reserve Member:
Email Address of Reserve Member:

*Players MUST use the registered Garena ID and Blackshot IGN during the tournament.
*Incomplete registration details will be null and invalid.
*First come first serve basis.
*A player may register once only.
*Unregistered player, account, character name will not be allowed to play during the tournament.
*A team may register on one venue only.

MSEC: Blackshot 2011 - Rules & Regulations
1. Competition Method : 5 vs 5
Winner Condition: Most round wins out of 4 rounds played
(2 rounds in Team Flag Match and 2 rounds in Search & Destroy)
Team Death Match will only be played if there's a tie-breaker

Game Settings & Rules
-Banned Weapons & Gears-
Assault Rifles(AR): XM8 Sand, Enfield, Enfield Woodlands, Famas Camo, Holy Shotgun, SIG552 Forest, M4A1-NZ1, MASS-NZ1100, M60, MG42, M1919A4, AUG Zebra, AK47 RedFrog.
Submachine Gun(SMG): Uzi-NZ1, PPSH41, MP5KPDW-H, MP40.
Sniper Rifle(SR): Cheytac, SASR-NZ1, Barrett.
Grenade: Jack O Bomb, T1 Grenade, Flash Frag, Jack O Flash Frag, MK2 Grenade, Model 24 Grenade.
Miscellaneous: Sub-Zero Blood, Fast Respawn, Scopes, Silencers, Departing Gift, UAV, US Airborne, Germany Army, Multi-Weapon 1&2, Advance Sweeper, Advance Scout, Advance Dominator, Brutality Evasion.
*no mastery weapons and items are allowed.

Map Pool
Team Flag Match:
Sandstorm I
Broken Cage
Broken City II

Search & Destroy:
Sandstorm II
Broken City I
Titan Valley
Red Mansion

Team Death Match (Tie Breaker):
Training Camp

-Selection of Maps-
A coin toss will be used to decide which team will choose the map for Team Flag Match

-Team Flag Match-
Winner of the coin toss will get to select the map.
 Each game consist of 1 map, players are to play both sides of the map.
 Every side is 120 points and amount of time will be 10 minutes.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 Partnership is allowed.

-Search & Destroy Match-
Loser of the Team Flag Match will select the map for Search & Destroy.
 Each game consist of 1 map, players are to play both sides of the map.
 Every side is 5 rounds and amount of time will be 2 minute 30 seconds for each round.
 Map will be chosen by the losing team of TFM.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 When a player dies, they are to click away into the 3rd person view and no communication allowed after 3 seconds.
 1 sniper allowed at all times in each team.
 Partnership is allowed.

Players are to play Team Death Match.
 This round there will only have 80 points and time taken will be 10 minutes.
 Map used for this round will be Training Camp only.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 Partnership is allowed.

Prohibited Actions in Game
- Changing of "HOST" when the match has begun is strictly not allowed, doing so will result in a default map loss.
- Intentional or non-intentional use of any bugs/ in-game Glitch (Knife Bug, Shots becomes Knife Damage) or any kind of usage will result in a loss or disqualification. This decision will be made by the marshall/s or Head Marshall.
- If in any case, a game is restarted, players are not allowed, under any circ-umstances, to go to the Shop/Inventory to change gears/weapons/armor etc.

- Disconnection: Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System or Power problems/issues.
- Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit.
Unintentional Disconnection:
- Round will restart if either side points is 20 and below or below 3 minutes into the round.
- Score will be recorded if either side points is 21 and above or more than 3 minutes into the round, round will restart and end with the previous total score.
- In the event of a disconnection, the organiser reserves the rights to restart the match or determine the match outcome on a case-by-case basis.

Warnings & Disqualifications
A warning will be given to any player in the team when he/she breaks or abuse any rule of the tournament.
A team will be disqualified from the tournament when a total of 3 warnings are given to the its members.

In Case of Problems
-If there are any technical, equipment, game exploit issues, disputes and/or interruptions, the Game Marshal/s are to be informed immediately and without delay. Failure to adhere to the aforementioned could result in a warning or disqualification from the tournament.
- If any intentional hardware reset and problem occurs, the marshal/s may decide to end the match with the offending player losing by forfeit.
- In the Team Flag Match (TFM), any game interruptions will be done after the completion of the round and not immediately during the game. The only time a restart will be done, is if the points of both the Red and Blue teams are under 20.
- In Search and Destroy mode (SD), only one sniper is allowed, and team-mates/opponents are not allowed to pick up the sniper rifle. Players are not allowed to share the sniper rifle with their team-mates at the start of every round.
- Player substitution is only allowed after the completion of every match, and not halfway during TFM and SD or Team Death Match (TDM).

These rules are for the MSEC: Blackshot 2011 and are subject to modification in the following aspects.
- Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within MSEC: Blackshot 2011 committee's own discretion.
- Changes to in-game settings and options necessitated by the use of most recent patch version/release.
- Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions.
- Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN Tournaments.

*Event rules and mechanics may change without prior notice.


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