Forum Event - Clan Video/Montage Contest

Calling All Blackshot Clans!
Now its the time for you and your clan to show us what you have. So make use of your fantastic skills and creativity in Blackshot, to win your clan some prizes.

In these 2 months, working together with your clan mates and do up either a video or a montage to represent your clan. Afterwhich, post it up in this thread, we will have a vote by your fellow blackshot players to see which is the best montage or video by 26th March 2011. Besides that, our GMs will also be the judges for this event too.
1st Prize 7 days Gold Dragon Package x 10
2nd Prize 7 days Assualt/ Assasin Loadout Package x 8
3rd Prize 7 days Assualt/ Assasin Loadout Package x 6
Nominated 1st runner up 7 days Tactics Package I / II x 6
Nominated 2nd runner up 7 days Tactics Packge I / II x 6
Instructions for this Event
Duration 26 January 2011 - 26 March 2011 [2 months]

This event is divided into 2 types.
For the 1st type, it will be a video in Blackshot with a storyline:

2nd type, it will be a montage:

Rules & Regulation
  • Explicit contents such as music or images with vulgur, s exual and racism will be prohibited.
  • Only pure Blackshot contents, and no outsourcing of video parts from other game will be used in the video.
  • Free and open to all video editing software. "Blackshot" and "Clan Name" must be shown on the video.
  • Video length must be a minimum of 4 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • No weapon + avatar restrictions.
  • Video will be disqualify if there are intention of including relevant glitch + bug content.
  • No Size limits.
  • Video must be in english language.

So, the best Blackshot video and montage will be posted Blackshot website to showcase your skills and also the effort that you have put in to make this video/montage such a success. So starting making your videos now!

Posted on: 01-28-2011