Map - Quarry

The world's rapidly growing economy is dependent on oil and the supply is running out. You have been tasked to defend this oil rich land from opposing nation. Make good use of the small hills and watch towers as your enemy scouts will be watching your every movement as they are closing in to capture this quarry.

Broken Cage

Map - Broken Cage

Behind these sturdy walls, a war is about to erupt. Both opposing sides have sent out their mercenaries to capture the strategically positioned marked grounds in this huge fort as their headquarters. Can your team pin your enemies down or will you be suppressed by the tunnel rats?


Map - Berlin

Berlin located in Eastern Germany has been destroyed by the nuclear wars. It is also said to house to largest cloning factories here. Your enemies have come from a long way north to capture this city, can your forces of elite mercenaries stop them?


Map - Normandie

Intelligence reported that arsenal of missiles nicknamed “World Breaker” is capable of another world’s destruction hidden in this vast city that poses threat to the international community. Eliminate all your enemies and search and destroy the hidden missiles before your enemy launches it.

Core Project

Map - Core Project

This alternative energy plant provides the unlikely setting as the warzone between opposing teams. Can your team capture the opponent's flag in this underground cavern? While the layout of the battlefield may seem simple initially, you'll be surprised to see how looks can be deceiving...

Mean Street

Map - Mean Street

Once known as Main Street, this small town is a shadow of its former peaceful, bustling self. When the fury of war broke out in 2033, the citizens of Main Street were evacuated and mercenaries from opposing sides clashed right in the heart of this town. Bloodshed continued for days, and it wasn't long before the town was coined as Mean Street instead. A very apt name indeed.

Xi-Tang Blues

Map - Xi-Tang Blues

Military operations have expanded into the heart of China, and both sides are looking to make the strategically located grounds of Xi-Tang Blues as their base. Your mission – hunt down your enemies and finish them off to claim your stake on its ancient walls.

Sandstorm I

Map - Sandstorm I

Defend your flag and capture your enemies'! Opposing teams face off in a dusty, sand-ravaged town in a non-descript Middle Eastern town. Three strategic locations in the town could prove tactically useful - can your team secure them before your opponents do?

The Hunting

Map - The Hunting

A fierce battle is on the verge of an outbreak right here. Sneak up unto your enemies with the help of various small corridors and give them a surprise while you take off with their flag. A second floor passageway can also give you more options to infiltrate your opponents!