Map - Tomb

Secretly hidden away from civilisation, the Tomb holds the ancient weaponry (The Super Soldier Serum) hidden away for its fearsome destructive power. Your team has been tasked retrieve this weapon, or to either bomb down the place, do not expect it to be a walk in the park as the enemies advance party has already started excavation work. You must stop them no matter the cost from obtaining this ancient technology.

Hans Cargo Infinity

Map - Hans Cargo Infinity

Your mission – to destroy the ammunition warehouse of Hans Cargo. Beware though, because your opponents are not giving it up easily without a fight. Kill everyone you see, and bomb everything in the way. Remember – there is no room for failure.


Map - Roppongi

Roppongi, home of state of the art technologies has been turned into a wreck by a stray missile. Now, with the infrastructure in chaos and modern technologies up for grabs, it is up to you and your team to ensure this ends up in safe hands – your hands. It's all or nothing, and failure is not an option. If things are not looking good, bomb everything to smithereens to prevent your enemies from harnessing the technological power to their advantage!

Sandstorm Infinity

Map - Sandstorm Infinity

It's a war to end all wars. Break your enemies' hold on the dusty abandoned town of Sand Storm with your mighty shooting skills as you ravage the grounds on a deadly killing spree… and secretly planting that ticking timed bomb in glee!