Crack Down

Map - Crack Down

Your scouts have reported an enemy supply lines transporting military hardware across your border.

You have been ordered to co-ordinate an attack on the supply line to stop your enemy. You must destroy the supply line in order to weaken them, however your enemies will be there to stop you at all costs.


Map - Aftermath

A once dusty city laid waste by the nuclear war and following an attack by a rumoured prototype Super Soldier. Your team of mercenaries have been called in to search for evidences of the prototype Super Soldier. However your enemy won’t be making it easy for you as they have also been called in to destroy all possible evidence.


Map - Office

Highly confidential cloning information is kept away in the office. Your team of mercenaries has been given the task to defend it or to destroy it by bombing the whole place up! The defense team are more than willing to defend the information with their lives. Failure is not an option.

Broken City I

Map - Broken City I

The city is in chaos, torn between two teams with conflicting agendas – the offense team who wants to cut the military fund, and the defense team who is tasked to protect it.

It is a battle to death right here, as each team races against time to fulfill their mission – the offense team to plant bombs and the defense team to dismantle them. Who will emerge as the ultimate winner?

Hans Cargo

Map - Hans Cargo

Confidential bio-technology information is stored at the Hans Cargo warehouse. Your mission – to protect this precious data and prevent it from falling into enemies' hands! Lock and load soldier, but be careful - your enemies are bringing bombs!

Red Mansion

Map - Red Mansion

Behind its sturdy walls, hide a deadly secret, and your team of elite mercenaries has been tasked to find out exactly what it is. Stake out the enemy base to uncover the secret, but be warned – your opponents are more than willing to safeguard the information with bombs… and their lives.

Sandstorm II

Map - Sandstorm II

Enemies have infiltrated your base, and it is up to you to defend it. Show no mercy and hunt them down, one by one. Do whatever it takes to protect what is rightfully yours… even if it means having to plant the bomb to destroy all valuable information...

Titan Valley I

Map - Titan Valley I

Deep in the valley of the mountains, an enemy hideout has been discovered. Take them down with the element of surprise and clean out their base with the biggest surprise of all – a ticking time bomb.