How To Start?

Join the shootout at BlackShot Online with these easy steps.
Step 1: Registration
  • Go to
  • Click on "Create Account" to register your BlackShot account.
  • Fill out all the necessary details to create an account with Garena and BlackShot.
  • Click on "Register my account now" once you are done.

*For existing Garena users, please proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Downloading the Game Client
  • Click on "DOWNLOAD BlackShot Client" to download the full client installer.
  • A window will pop up and ask if you want to save the file. Click on "Save File".
  • Save the file then run it.


Step 3: Downloading BlackShot
  • On the Blackshot Installer, click on "START" to download the game client.
  • Wait for the download to finish. File size: 641MB
  • When download has been completed, click on "OK" to start installing it.


Step 4: Installing BlackShot
  • Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) on the BlackShot installer.
  • Once you are done, place a check on "I accept the agreement."
  • Click on "Agree (A)".

On the following window,

  • Choose the path where you want to install BlackShot. Required disk space: 1.2GB
  • Click "Install".
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Click on "Close" after the installation.


Step 5: Connecting to the Game
  • On your desktop, look for the "BlackShot" icon and click it.

    *For windows 7 users, the User Account Control window will open, just click on "Yes".

  • It will then show you the BlackShot Launcher.
  • Type in your Garena Username and your Password.
  • Click on "START GAME".


Step 6: Character Creation

Once you are connected, you may now create your character.

  • Click on "Create A Character".
  • Select the character that you want to use.
  • Place in the Nickname that you desire.
  • You may change the Skin Tone of your character to customize it.
  • Click on "Create" when you are done.

Character Creation

Step 7: Server List

After creating a character, you will be directed to the list of the Servers.

*For Singapore Residents, you may enter Singapore or the Lion City Server.

*For Malaysia Residents, you may enter the Malaysia Server.

*For non-Singapore and Malaysia Residents, you may enter the Others Server.

  • Choose your Server.
  • Select the Channel that you want to join.
  • Click on "Connect".

Server List

Step 8: Lobby

After entering the Server, you will then be directed to the Lobby.

On the lobby, you will see the:

  • Menu
  • Quick Start and Create Room
  • Room List
  • Chat Box
  • Friend List


Step 9: Room List

Once you enter the Lobby, you will see the list of all the Rooms.

  • Choose the room that you want to join.
  • After selecting, click on "Enter".

Room List

Step 10: Room

Inside the Game Room, you will see the ff:

  • Menu
  • Room Settings
  • Players List (Blue Team and Red Team)
  • Chat Box
  • Friend List
  • Start Button


Step 11: Joining a Game

To join the game,

  • Select the side that you want to join in then press "Ready".
  • Wait for other players to enter the game.
  • Host will start the game when players are ready.

Join a Game

Step 12: In – Game

While in-game you will see the ff.:

User Interface:
  • Scores (Team Score & Opponent's Score)
  • Round Timer
  • Radar & Location
  • Notification and Chat Box
  • Health Point and Armor Point
  • Weapon & Ammo Count

In – Game

Game Features:
  • Team Objective
  • Partner's View
  • Team mate
  • Bomb Site
  • Mission Objectives
  • Weapon Exp Bar

Game Features